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The Importance of Industrial First Aid Kits

Responsible employers and managers must never overlook the need for an office or industrial first aid kit. The federal government mandates that every workplace be equipped with easily accessible first aid kits and that employees should be taught first aid. Proper preparation can prevent unnecessary injury, lose of productivity, or even law suits when a workplace emergency occurs.

An employer must first provide the proper number of commercial first aid kits for its workers. Many kits are available for sale online by industrial first aid kit suppliers. Kits designed for ten workers cost about $15 and kits designed for fifty workers cost about $80. Also available are kits for an entire small office, vehicles, or work sites.

Kits should be stored in a portable, durable, watertight container. Attach the kit to the wall so that it is easily seen and reached in an emergency. Include a list of kit’s contents to ensure it is always fully stocked. Show each worker where the kit is located and what tools it contains. Educate each worker about possible work related injuries and which ones will require immediate medical attention from professionals.

The American Red Cross sells industrial first aid kits that meet or exceed the United State’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s requirements. Several types of kits are available. The Personal Protection Kit contains gloves, gowns, and masks to protect workers from biohazards like blood and bodily fluids. It costs about $15. The Spill Clean Up Kit contains wipes and scoops to contain a small biohazard spill. It costs about $10. The American Red Cross also sells industrial first aid kits for 25 or 50 workers that are both under $30.

When assembling any industrial first aid kit, always include: disposable gloves, bandages of various sizes, gauze, adhesive tape, scissors and tweezers, and antiseptic ointment.