A Credit Card Advance Can Provide Inventory Financing For the Holiday Season

If there’s ever a time to stock up on inventory, it’s the holidays. Even during slow economic times, retail sales are higher during the holidays than during the rest of the year. Unfortunately, this year, business experts and small business owners alike fear that inventory purchases for the holidays may be difficult as several institutions […]

Search Engines vs. Comparison Websites in the Hotel Industry

Search engines such as Google are failing on 2 fronts: 1. They are failing users because they struggle to deliver high quality search results for people looking to purchase goods and services. 2. They are failing businesses because the pay-per-click advertising model is outdated; as a consequence a large part of a company’s advertising budget […]

Insurance Industry Leaders Discuss Trends And The Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina has affected the insurance industry dramatically. At a recent conference, several industry leaders discussed trends in the market, recruitment of new agents, the devastating effects of Katrina, and the insurance industry’s duties to policyholders in the aftermath of the hurricane. The long and short term effects of Katrina was the focus of the […]

Let Your Words Speak For You – Increasing Expert Credibility in Your Industry Or Profession

One of the quickest ways to increase credibility in your industry or profession is by writing about it. Yes, writing. Writing is inordinately undervalued by professionals in virtually every industry and profession. People who rely exclusively on the truism, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” are missing out on vast amounts of business and […]

The Importance of Industrial First Aid Kits

Responsible employers and managers must never overlook the need for an office or industrial first aid kit. The federal government mandates that every workplace be equipped with easily accessible first aid kits and that employees should be taught first aid. Proper preparation can prevent unnecessary injury, lose of productivity, or even law suits when a […]

Criminal Law Topic – What Laws Should We Have For Living in Space Colony VR Environments?

In the future there will be human colonies all over this solar system, on moons of planets and on the planets themselves. There is no doubt there will also be human colonies orbiting planets or in geosync with planets, as well as long term missions in livable large space ships, and whereas, all this may […]

Is There a Real Lexington Law Scam? The Truth About Lexington Credit Repair

It’s important to be careful when dealing with a credit repair company because in the recent past there have been real scams by unethical credit repair companies who take advantage of people who have already been through hard times. These scams are truly unfortunate and when they are found out the government will step in […]