Writing a Personal Statement For Law School

In order to gain entrance into law school, prospective students are required to write an essay detailing the reasons why they want to become a lawyer. Unlike the college entrance application, personal statements for law school are essays that have an open format. Successful lawyers are high achievers long before they enter law school. They […]

Taking a Look at the Ohio Bankruptcy Laws

Ohio bankruptcy laws may differ from other states in terms of residential property exemptions, personal property exemptions and exemptible wages. Before you seek out your free bankruptcy form, you’ll need to know which type of bankruptcy you’re eligible for under state law (either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13). Many people hire legal professionals to help […]

7 Things to Consider Before Starting a New Business

Starting a new business and being your own boss is an excellent thing. It’s thrilling and also complex. For a flourishing business you’ll not only have to study and plan the different facets of your business but in addition thoroughly execute the plan. Here are a few essential things to take into account that will […]

Property and Liability Insurance – Critical Covers Required by Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Own a small or mid-sized business? If so, consider the effort you put in terms of capital and other expenses to build your business. Small and mid-sized businesses do not have sufficient financial support as they invest whatever they have in working capital, purchase of raw materials, and other things. They need to protect these […]

Common Reasons for Owners Selling Their Business – 2

There are many reasons why owners let go of their businesses. Some might find it hard to let go because it has given them a sense of accomplishment over the years and they might have developed a personal sense of attachment for it. Nevertheless, that does not stop them from selling their business in the […]

The Very First (And Unexpected!) Step to Creating Your Ideal Business

Recently, I wrote an article* about some decisions I made in order to create a business that serves my every need completely, without compromising. A lot of people responded to that article, and many of you wrote me how my story inspired you to think about what YOU need in your business. Some people also […]

Secrets of Successful People – Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Learning The Power and Why I’d like to start with a very powerful exercise that will show you how organize and better define your goals that leads to a pathway of success. Divide a sheet of paper into 3 equal columns and write: Massive Action, Goals, Purpose and Reward. In your goal column write the […]

Becoming an Successful Entrepreneur by Being Selective

It is human nature to get distracted. Without a clear purpose, you keep changing directions, changing jobs, changing relationships and changing everything else in your life hoping that each change will settle the confusion or fill the emptiness you have within you. You think to yourself “this time it’ll be different”. Here’s the reality, it […]

Matching Your Target Market – A Lesson From Mexican Entrepreneurs

How to reach your peeps is just about always on my mind – it comes with the territory of being a marketing therapist. So here I was, two days ago, lounging around on the public beach in Puerto Vallarta. And I ended up, no big surprise, watching the vendors who sell up and down the […]