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The Great Business Secret To Building Your Power Brand

“I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I doubted it for a minute.” -Warren Buffett

If you’re familiar with the phenomenal success of the film and book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne-read on. If you’re not- I invite you to explore the relevance of this concept to your business growth. The concept of The Secret or sometimes referred to as The Great Secret is an infinite power called the Law of Attraction. Are you wondering, “How can this help me build a power brand?”

According to Rhonda Byrne and other modern day teachers and leaders, The Secret is an infinite power that responds to your thoughts and desires, no matter if your thoughts are positive, negative or neutral -and can be used to help you achieve whatever you want by thinking and feeling. The Law of Attraction operates on your thoughts’ vibrations, acting as a magnet to receive what you think and believe you can achieve, even what others say is impossible. So, if this infinite power can help you achieve whatever you set your mind to; then think what it can do if you use it to build the power brand you desire. Are you intrigued?

Why are some brands great, some good and others just mediocre? Do you think it’s because of coincidence or just plain hard work? Or do you think it’s perhaps clarity of vision or a belief and knowing of purpose behind their intent and what they wanted to create has something to do with it? Why is Google such a success? Do you think it’s just luck or being in the right place at the right time? Or perhaps, it’s the crystal clear vision the founders have held in their minds of what they wanted to create; and their thoughts and feelings about what they wanted to do that generated a magnet that continues to draw to them more of what they wanted. Their mission: (google.com)-‘organize the world’s vast amount of information and make it universally accessible and useful over the internet.’ They’ve accomplished that and then some. From day one, the company and their employees have been driven to fulfill their mission and believed beyond doubt it could be done and they’re doing it through their actions.

How did The Ritz Carlton achieve the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award not just once but twice? Was it by chance or just sheer hard work? Or perhaps it was the belief in their philosophy of service and innovation and the clarity of their Gold Standards (ritzcarlton.com). Every employee is crystal clear as to who they are-the Ritz Carlton brand, and hold a strong belief in what they can achieve. Perhaps it was their intention of purpose, belief in and action on their Gold Standards that enabled them to achieve this coveted quality award two times over.