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Leather Shoulder Holster Gives The Best Protection

Gun HolstersA person that spends a lot of time sitting can wear a leather shoulder holsterAs it is the most comfortable way to carry a gun. The straps can be easily tightened or loosened according to your body. So different body types and sizes can wear this gun holster. There are holsters placed on both sides so the weight can be equally distributed. Also, it becomes easy to balance the guns. So the gun owner can draw it from any side and also the opponent can’t easily grab it from your gun holster. The gun is secured in the shoulder holster and can be reached easily. 


A gun holster is a protection cover for a gun. You can carry your gun in a gun holster anywhere without displaying it all the time. The gun stays safe in the gun holster and does not scare the people or children. Any gun owner can use a gun holster to draw it in a time of need. A gun holster can be placed on your waist, ankles, or shoulders. But usually, people don’t place them on ankles as they can’t be easily withdrawn for use. Most police officers use the leather shoulder holster so the guns don’t fall off easily and can’t be reached by any other person easily. 


leather shoulder holster has two straps so the user needs to insert their arms in each hole like wearing a backpack. The holsters are attached on the left and right sides for the gun owner to draw them. It can be easily hidden by a jacket or coat and is very easy to wear. As the weight is distributed equally on your shoulders, you don’t feel any extra pressure or load. Longer guns can be placed vertically on your back or in front of your chest depending on the gun design using the shoulder holster. You can wear it for a long time without getting uncomfortable. 


A handgun can be placed in three different positions in this shoulder holster. A vertical position where the barrel of the gun is facing upwards. A vertical position where the barrel of the gun is facing downwards. A horizontal position where the barrel of the gun is behind the user. One must always buy a shoulder gun holster made of pure leather. As leather is the most promising and long-lasting material. Also, it is available in beautiful designs and various colors. 


How To Wear The Leather Shoulder Holster? 


  1. Wear the shoulder holster with empty holsters. Put each arm in one of the straps of the shoulder holster. Once you wear it, make sure the cross of the holster is in the middle of your back. 


  1. Adjust the straps of your shoulder holster according to your convenience and comfort. 


  1. Put your guns in the empty holsters and secure them properly with the cover flap. Adjust the holsters properly so you can draw the gun easily if required. 


  1. You can cover the shoulder holster with a jacket later. Keep the zip of your jacket open so you can draw the gun.