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Amazon Web Services vs. Google Cloud

The enterprise cloud computing market is growing at a fast clip. Several cloud service providers (CSPs) are operating in this market, providing cost-effective, scalable, and reliable enterprise cloud services. Two of the most popular CSPs are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

So which cloud is the “better” option for your organization?

AWS and Google Cloud

AWS is a comprehensive cloud platform, offering 200+ cloud-based services from data centers across the globe. These scalable and cost-effective services power thousands of businesses in 190 countries worldwide. Like AWS, Google Cloud also provides numerous cloud-based services to enterprise customers around the world.

Benefits of AWS and Google

Both AWS and Google Cloud provide a global cloud infrastructure that increases business agility and resilience. They also help to lower IT costs, streamline operations, accelerate innovation, and automate low-value tasks.

These platforms also allow organizations to focus on high-value activities instead of worrying about infrastructure deployment or management. Finally, they help secure enterprise data and workloads from cyberattacks and breaches.

AWS vs. Google Cloud

One important advantage of AWS over Google Cloud is that AWS offers a broader selection of cloud services. In comparison to AWS’ 200+ offerings, Google only offers about 100 cloud products. Moreover, all AWS’ services are integrated well with each other so you can set up a flexible, comprehensive, and well-integrated cloud environment for your business needs.

Some other ways AWS is superior to Google Cloud:

  • Offers cloud-based disaster recovery services
  • Ideal for workloads that need lots of computing power
  • Provides a very wide range of automated functionalities
  • You can use familiar programming languages and databases for ease of use and minimal disruptions
  • Global reach: AWS has 125 data centers worldwide compared to Google’s 23 in a few isolated geographies

In addition to cloud services, AWS customers can also access a thriving partner network called APN. This global community consists of 100K+ partners in 150 countries. APN partners specialize in AWS services and support users with technological support, training, and other kinds of resources to make the most of the cloud. The number of Google Cloud partners is nowhere close to this number.

Despite the advantages of AWS, Google Cloud is also a good choice since it offers many useful services and benefits to enterprise customers. For example, like AWS, Google also offers transparent pay-as-you-go pricing to give you better control over cloud spends.


Ultimately, which cloud you select would depend on your strategic goals and cloud objectives. AWS has been around for longer so you get the assurance of advanced operational expertise and experience for business-critical applications. Plus, you can work with expert AWS Consulting Partners like Axcess.io to make the most of the AWS Cloud.

If you are still unsure which cloud is the better choice, contact us. We will help you select the best cloud based on your cloud goals and budget.