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How to Check SBI Application Status, Contact Customer Care & Block SBI Credit Card

One of the oldest and most respected banks in the country, State Bank of India (SBI) continuously evolves to meet customer needs. As credit cards become the primary method of payment for a range of users and for myriad needs, SBI credit cards have emerged as the most preferred.

SBI credit cards are designed to offer users with maximum discounts and rewards, which users can avail by using the card for a range of products and services. It is also extremely easy to remain updated on your SBI card status. Read on below to learn how SBI and the SBI credit card customer care number is easily accessible, which makes using the card a hassle-free process.

How to Check SBI Credit Card Status:


Checking your SBI card status is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes. Once you have applied for the SBI credit card, you can check its status both online and offline.

  1. Online Tracking:
    1. For tracking SBI card status, you need your application number.
    2. From the official SBI website, navigate to ‘Credit Cards’, where you can click on the ‘Track Application’ bar.
    3. Fill out your application number, and click on ‘Track’ to immediately get an update on your SBI card status.
    4. If you do not have your application number, click on ‘Track Application’ from the ‘Credit Cards’ page mentioned above, and then click on ‘Retrieve Application’.
  2. Offline Tracking:
    1. For tracking your SBI card status through offline means, you can call the customer care provided to you by the bank and find out the status.
    2. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest SBI branch and check the status.


How to Contact SBI Credit Card Customer Care:


Accessibility to customer care teams is one of the prerequisites that users look for before availing any services. The popularity of this product is partly because of how easy it is for customers to get in touch with the SBI credit card customer care team.

The team can be reached through both online and offline means.

  1. You can reach SBI credit card customer care through several toll-free numbers, each of which is tailored for a designated service
  2. You can give a missed call to the SBI credit card customer care team and expect a call back from the team at the earliest
  3. You can also drop a SMS to the team and expect a swift response
  4. You can email customer care, and the website offers a form for quick emails
  5. You can also use the postal service to get in touch with the SBI credit card customer care team.


How to Block SBI Credit Card:


If you accidentally lose your SBI credit card, the first thing you must do is block the card to prevent misuse. For any SBI card lost, you can reach out to customer care both online and offline to have it blocked.

  1. Online Blocking of SBI Card Lost:


    1. You can use the SBI mobile app to place a ‘Service Request’ for blocking your lost card
    2. Alternatively, you can visit the official website and select ‘Report Lost/Stolen’ in order to have your card blocked.
  1. Offline Blocking of SBI Card Lost:


    1. You can send an SMS to customer care for blocking any SBI card lost
    2. You can also call the toll free helpline number and get your card blocked.

An SBI credit card is extremely useful, regardless of the purchases you plan to make owing to the plethora of discounts and rewards available on most purchases. Reach out to the SBI credit card customer care team to get your application started.