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How Can Translation Errors Harm Your Business?

If you work for a company that offers products and services or provides content for different countries, you know that translations are part of everyday life. However, translation errors are much more critical and relevant than you might think.

They may go unnoticed at the time of translation, but as soon as a potential client of yours notices the error, the impact caused by the error can be severe, even harming the image that your company has in the market.

Understand better how mistakes and failures in translations from the document translator (penerjemah dokumen which is the term in Thai) can be very harmful to your company’s image and reliability with customers and the market in general.

How Can Translation Errors Disrupt My Business?

This question boils down to one word: credibility. When there are errors in documents or content translated into other languages, other people’s view of the company becomes different.

The translation errors may not have a tremendous impact on the country, but when it comes to people who need to consume that content in the language to which the content has been translated, the impact will be enormous.

There are some common mistakes in translating documents – this does not mean that they are more acceptable, but they tend to recur more often.

It is possible that the error is an orthographic or semantic issue and may still allow the understanding of what was meant. Still, when the failure is caused by the wrong translation of a word or phrase whose meaning is different from the original content, the consequences can be much more severe.

There are a few reasons why these errors occur. It is critical that you carefully analyze whether this happens in your company and, if so, that you act quickly to prevent it from becoming a more serious problem.