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What Are In-Flight Connectivity Packs? Things To Know Before You Get This Jio Recharge

Staying connected, especially online, is a big part of who we are today. With people travelling to different parts of the world, the only way to stay connected to your loved ones is via the internet. And one of the very few times we’re deprived of it is when travelling on flights. But what if that doesn’t have to be the case anymore? Find out how you can get connectivity inside the aircraft with your next Jio recharge.

What Is In-flight Connectivity Packs?

In-flight Connectivity(IFC) is nothing but a service that allows you to stay connected even while travelling on a flight. This means, now you can stay connected with your loved ones even above 20,000 feet. All you need to do is get an in-flight recharge done before onboarding the flight. Then, you can easily use data, voice calls and SMS, as per the specific pack’s entitlement.

 Jio Recharge Plans

Jio is the only service provider that offers In-flight Connectivity in a Jio recharge plan. Simply select your suitable plan from the Inflight Connectivity Jio recharge plans, and recharge for it before onboarding the flight. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits that you enjoy on land, throughout your flight.

With IFC packs you can make and get calls, use the internet, and send/receive SMS. However, all this will be given to you according to the recharge plan you choose and considering the flight you travel through.

Currently, Jio offers 3 IFC recharge plans. Enlisted below are the benefits you get with each:

  1. Basic Plan For ₹499

Customers getting this recharge can enjoy outgoing calls for upto 100 mins, while incoming calls are not allowed in the pack. Users can also enjoy using mobile data upto 250 MB and send upto 100 SMS. The validity of this pack is 1 day.

  1. Average Plan For ₹699

Benefits related to the outgoing calls and incoming calls remain the same as in the IFC pack priced at ₹499. Meanwhile, the allotted mobile data increases to 500 MB. However, the amount of SMS allowed as well as pack validity remind the same as the last one.

  1. Best Inflight Plan For ₹999

Despite being the best IFC pack, incoming calls are not allowed with this pack either. However, you do get 100 outgoing call mins and 100 SMS. Meanwhile, mobile data allotted increases to 1GB per recharge, while the validity remains the same, i.e. 1 day.

According to the Jio website, 1 day mentioned here is 24 hours. This will be calculated, starting from the 1st usage done in the plane.

Points To Remember Before Getting Jio IFC Recharge

Doing a Jio recharge online to get inflight connectivity is pretty simple. However, there are certain things you need to remember. Mentioned below are some of those:

  • Pack applicable only for 22 International Partner Airlines. So check the list of Airlines and In-Flight communication services available by clicking here.
  • Review these details before purchasing any IFC pack.
  • While Data and SMS services are available in all the Partner Airlines, voice services are available in select Airlines.
  • Incoming calls are not allowed on these packs, while Incoming SMS is Free.
  • Usage entitlements are applicable only for Inflight communications, and cannot be used outside of the plane.
  • Data speed may vary from Airline to Airline. So, do not download huge files when on the flight.

While you can easily get this service with your next Jio online recharge, you can also enjoy these benefits via postpaid and letter do your Jio postpaid bill payment.