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Top 5 Ways to Learn More About the Future of Finance and Technology

One of those caveats of human life is that we always tend to know what lies tomorrow. You are always hungry to learn more about tech and all. You want to know more about things that go on in the dark web related to finance. Well, the dark web is there to answer or at least give an idea to your questions. You can enlighten yourself by reading a chosen dark web book, which can provide vivid information about finance and technology:

  • Know About The Pioneering Marketplace In ‘Silk Road’ 

Written by investigative journalist Eileen Ormsby, ‘Silk Road’ tells you about the marketplace happenings of the dark web. If you ask what Silk Road is, well it is a pioneering marketplace of the dark web. So, you can give this book a shot if you want to know about the ups and downs of the Silk Road, particularly.

  • Cooper Alvins’ Book Is Your Basic Guide On Staying Anonymous

The book called ‘Tor Browser’ is not solely on how to use the Tor browser but beyond that. If you are one of them who wants to gain info on how to be anonymous while being online, then go for it. The 48-page book can give you the basic knowledge about internet safety protocols, computer basics, the Tor browser, and the dark web. 

  • ‘Hacking and Tor’ Is Your Primary Guide To Hacking

This book by Jack Jones is the ultimate book for a beginner, who wants to learn about hacking. The book has different tools and guides about the Tor network. The fascinating stuff is that the book guarantees to make you a pro in hacking within days.

  • Lance Handerson’s Book On Anonymity Is A Steal Too

If you are not that happy with Cooper Alvins’ book on how to stay anonymous, then this is for you. ‘Tor and the Dark Art of Anonymity’ is the book concerned and it takes a deeper dive towards the Tor browser and the dark web.

  • ‘DarkMarket’ Is The Book On The Cyber World

Misha Glenny in this book wrote about all the things we need to know about the cyber world. Reading this dark web book, you will get you an idea about cybercriminals, cybercops, and about how their pursuits go on. 

So, these were the top five dark web books, which you should try now if you are eager to know more.