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The Very First (And Unexpected!) Step to Creating Your Ideal Business

Recently, I wrote an article* about some decisions I made in order to create a business that serves my every need completely, without compromising.

A lot of people responded to that article, and many of you wrote me how my story inspired you to think about what YOU need in your business.

Some people also wrote me that my story gave them hope: it shows that it really IS possible to create a business that serves your every need – no matter how extreme or weird that need seems to be.

Building an ideal business is something that most entrepreneurs crave.

I notice that every time in my program Big Mission, Big Impact. When I teach my clients how to create their own ideal business, they experience many eye-opening moments and valuable insights. And most of them start making changes in their business immediately as a result of it.

But I also notice (and experienced myself) that it is not always that easy to build your business exactly as you like it.

Opinions and expectations from others (and yourself) can really distract you from doing things YOUR way.

Not to mention the fears, doubts and negative voices in your head that show up as soon as you start thinking about what you REALLY want your business to look like.