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Securing consistent profit as a fulltime day trader

Many traders start trading in the Forex market as they can start trading with a small amount of capital. The traders don’t need to start trading with big capital. There is no fixed amount of profits in the trades, the better you will trade the more you will make money. Try to improve your skills by developing a strong basic. Stop following the herd as the majority of the traders are losing money at trading. Think about the safety of your capital so that you don’t have to blow up your trading account due to a lack of your knowledge.

The amount of money you will make in the market depends on how you trade. You need to pay attention to all the factors of the market to make profits. In this following article, you will get to know about the amount you can make from day trading.

Risk management in day trading

It’s one of the major problems the new traders face in the market. They don’t know about proper risk management and thus fail to make money. To make profit, it’s crucial for every trader to understand the use of risk management in the trades. Those who have the ability to manage the risk exposure in an efficient way can easily make a decent profit by taking advantage of the leverage. But still, you should not forget that the outcome of any trade is completely unpredictable. Unless you have extensive skills, you should not open a big position size trade.

Proper risk management helps a trader to trade by reducing the chance of losing. If you are new, you should be aware that you should not risk more than 2% of your trading capital in any single trade. The lower you set the risk percentage, the more profit you will be able to make.

Use strategies in the trades

Strategies are a component in the market which helps traders to make profits in various ways. Strategies often refer to whether you will win or lose in the trades, you need to use your strategies according to the market to make profits in your trades. However, you should carefully create the trading strategy so that it never becomes overly complicated. Those who are not sure about the trading method can use the Forex trading  account to create a unique strategy so that they can trade the real market like a pro trader.

Using effective strategies allows a trader to win with a rate of 50 percent. But your strategies will not always help you to make money. At first, you need to observe and understand the market well, so that you can use effective strategies in the trades.

Understand the currency pair

You need to understand the currency pair briefly as without having the proper knowledge about the currency pairs you can’t stay in the long run. Currency pair is the most important part of the Forex market, you can’t even make a trade without observing the currency pairs.

Many new traders fail in the market due to a lack of knowledge about currency pairs. Always calculate the percentage of winning or losing trades before you place for any trades by observing the currency pairs. The currency pairs also helps to identify whether to trade or not in the market.


If you trade according to the market you will be able to make more money but if you trade randomly without observing the market then you will surely lose in the trades. If you use a risk-controlled strategy in your trades, it will help you with a 55% win rate. You should not expect too much from the Forex market, if you are new keep your expectations very low. If you trade by lowering your expectations it will help you to trade without any emotional stress. Don’t ever trade with stress as this will never help you to make money.