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Secrets of Successful People – Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Learning The Power and Why

I’d like to start with a very powerful exercise that will show you how organize and better define your goals that leads to a pathway of success. Divide a sheet of paper into 3 equal columns and write: Massive Action, Goals, Purpose and Reward.

In your goal column write the biggest goal you’d like to achieve; the one that gets you most excited such as paying off debt, creating a 7 figure income this year, buying a new car or leaving your day job for good. Now write a price tag in the goal section of leaving your job- the amount of money you’ll need to earn to cover all of your expenses.

Now go to the purpose column and write your purpose and goals of entrepreneurship. Some examples are no more commuting on the train, being able to pick up your children from school or to spend more quality time with my family/children.

Let your mind move freely on this exercise so you can write about what your life will be like when you reach your goals. Be sure to leave some space at the bottom of this column to create another column by drawing a line across the bottom of this column. In this newly created column write the emotion (and this is Key) of how you’ll feel once you reach your goals such liberated, free, secure, worthwhile or confident. Again, let your pen flow here to capture the full impact of your emotions.

In your Massive action column-Write all of things you need to do to achieve your goals. (This is an exercise Tony Robbins teaches.) Choose 3 income producing activities that will drive you to success then choose 1 of those things that will give you 80% of the results to work on first. Some examples might be, wanting to increase your leads to 150 per day and perhaps the most effective way to achieve this would be to build a bunch of Google campaigns, or becoming a video master or setting aside extra time at night to complete your work projects. The key here is to focus on the one income producing activity project that you chose and to stick to it until you reach your goal. All else is secondary at this point keeping in mind that too many projects keep you distracted and not focused. Work on this one project until you reach your goal then move on to the second activity you chose following the same steps. As a side note, this entire process can also be applied to others area of your life that you’d like to improve upon such as health and fitness, dieting or Spirituality.