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Relocating Inoperative Vehicle Safely – Hire Auto Shipping Company 

Usually, shipping any car to any new city or state may not pose much of a problem. However, when it comes to transporting a car that is not in running condition, it is a difficult task to drive or take the car to a shipping company. 

Ship A Car, Inc. can help you to transport your car even if it is not in running condition. They have facilities to get your vehicle “winched” or loaded with the help of a liftgate. Even if you are not able to start your car, a winch will be needed so that the car can conveniently be loaded on the carrier and it can be shipped to its required destination. 

If your vehicle is in such a condition that it is not possible to roll, brake, or steer the car, then simply a winch will not be good enough to lift your car on the carrier. In such cases, a forklift or a liftgate will be used for lifting your car. Mostly when people want to relocate any of their old classic cars, then Ship A Car, Inc uses this method to load the vehicle.

When you contact a auto shipping company, you need to inform them about the condition of your car in the beginning. If they are aware of what is wrong with your vehicle beforehand, then they may take suitable measures to load your car safely. A few simple questions may be asked by them such as:

  • Whether your car can be rolled?
  • Whether the car is wrecked or just a flat tire?

You must ensure that you have removed all your belongings from the car and also drained out all fluids from your car.

What about the cost?

The shipping cost of an inoperative car will mostly depend upon a few factors such as:

  • What is your car’s make and model?
  • How much distance does it need to be covered?
  • Whether your car is going to be shipped on a certain flatbed truck or any trailer?

As such, you must keep in mind that when you are shipping your car in inoperative condition, then you have to shell out a little more money than any normal running car for the same destination. That is because, for any inoperative car, special equipment will be needed for loading and unloading.

The following are a few things you have to do while shipping your inoperative car.

  1. Prepare your vehicle for transportation
  2. Understand various state laws and regulations
  3. Finish all paperwork well on time
  4. Coordinate with transporter for vehicle pick up
  5. Inspect the car while shipping and receiving it back

Shipping any car which is inoperative/non-running will always be a pain in the neck, however, if you are proactive enough and also plan it well then you can succeed in shipping your car safely even in such condition.

However, you must select a professional car shipping company like SAC which has got sufficient experience in shipping cars to many places and can support you too.