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How To Customize And Make Your Own Custom Leather Holster?

Have you always been a creative person and were interested in making things on your own? Do you want to customize the holster that you already own and add some customizations and make it your custom leather holster with less investment?

Customizing the holsters on your own will need you to follow a few steps which we will be seeing below.

What Do You Need To Customize Your Leather Holster?

You will need the below tools and stationery to build a holster from scratch or can make your old holster into a custom leather holster

  • The leather of your choice or that matches with the existing holster
  • Stitch line threads
  • Leather glue
  • Ruler
  • Blades
  • Scissors and knife
  • Poster paper and pencil
  • Metal alphabets or floral engravings
  • Glue gun
  • Sandpaper

And many more as per your needs you can get the required stationary.

How To Make Custom Leather Holsters?

To make custom leather holsters, on your own, first, you have to draft a rough figure or a template by drawing the exact figure of how you want your holster to be. Then after having a rough plan of how you want to make the customization is ready, pull up all the tools and start cutting the leather as per your need. You can choose animal-based leather or vegetable grain-based tanned leather as per the tensile strength.

Once the leather is decided, the biggest task is done as choosing the right leather is important for retention straps, rigs, and gun holders. Customizing an existing holster will also need a combination of different leathers so that the two best types of leather can provide more strength and weight-bearing capacity. Now the next step is to take the ruler and measure the gun you have or want to buy(note the measurements) and cut the poster paper accordingly to get a prototype for your holster. Properly analyze the measurements of the muzzle, butt, trigger, length, orientation of the holster if you want it to the right or left position, coverage of the arm, and other factors, and cut the poster paper accordingly.

Since choosing the perfect leather and cutting the rough structures of holsters on paper are ready, now it turns to cut the leather as per the shapes cut on paper by placing the paper and carefully tracing the leather, and sharply cutting the holster parts.

Once the leather pieces are cut, since naturally leather is dried, oil it, provide enough oiling it needs and dye it with the color of your choice. You can use leather furnishings to maintain its natural color and once everything is done, dry it enough before you start stitching the pieces together.

After the parts are dried, if you want to engrave and make any customized designs, do it with help of stitching threads and needles and make the crease lines so that once the engraving is done and the dampness is subtle, the parts can be sewed together with stitching machine and straps and other accessories can be attached.