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How can domiciliary hospitalization be beneficial for you during covid?

Delta, omicron, Omnitrix – India keeps on fighting the endless flood of Covid variants. It strips bare the truth that the medical framework of the nation is insufficient. The sheer number of cases easily makes the intense lack of clinic beds prominent. Large numbers of patients can be frequently seen panting for their breath while their relatives fret over their admission in proper clinics at the overbooked hospital premises. Despite this monstrous lack of medical beds, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily, during such extreme conditions, numerous medical clinics have come up with an alternative. They have begun giving home therapy to patients suffering from Covid, also known as domiciliary hospitalization. 

What is domiciliary hospitalization in your health insurance? 

Domiciliary hospitalization coverage in health care schemes and policies is an arrangement where one is viewed as hospitalized even when one is under treatment at one’s home. For example, in the case of a serious disease or injury, one may likely be incapable of getting hospitalized. In such a case, the costs connected with the treatment taken at home are covered by this medical insurance policy.

How is domiciliary hospitalization beneficial for Covid?

During the previous wave of Covid, the terrifying chase after medical supplies became a recurring national headline as India merely provided around 0.5 hospital beds for every thousand individuals, against a worldwide normal of almost 2.9. According to most medical specialists, they have never at any point experienced such an explosive patient influx, and the unprecedented and threatening shortage of emergency beds. The hope is that conditions shall be better in the future, however, home hospitalization becomes a savior during such times. 

Here are a few reasons why domiciliary hospitalization is beneficial for Covid:

  • Treatment even in case of unavailability of hospital beds

Various clinics and medical services providers have started giving home therapy to patients at any place required. Something that would be of merit referencing here is the way that regardless of whether you cannot secure a clinic bed for treatment of Coronavirus or not- you are not deprived of the treatment. Thus even on taking your treatment at home, you can, in any case, guarantee the costs from your safety provider.

  • Convenience for Covid patient and caretakers

Healthcare experts are considering this to be a distinct advantage that will not just incite more individuals to choose these services that make life convenient for both the patient and their family, in addition, it will be instrumental in diminishing the burden and workload on hospital OPDs, emergencies and wards. 

  • Reduction of risk for others

This will also reduce the risk of contamination via transportation and would reduce the chances of putting the medical staff at risk who are already at odds against this surge of covid victims.

  • Low overall expenditure

Experts believe this will be valuable for insurance companies and the decreased stay at medical clinics will cut down general expenditure. Overall, it would be a welcome win-win situation for all, during such a calamity.


There are many popular policies which are covering home healthcare plans. These include Care Health Insurance, Max Bupa, Edelweiss, Tata-AIG, and SBI Arogya – to name a few. An important point to note here is that mostly the policies do not cover treatment less than 72 hours or 3 days. This implies that the policy provides insurance under the reimbursement process. While most health care plans will cover entirely domiciliary hospitalization, there are even a few plans that have sub-limits on the final sum. Therefore, before opting for it, compare and choose the right plan for your needs.