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A Guide to Automated Powder Coating Gun Systems

Before you understand how well an automated gun system works for you, you need to know what powder coating is. Powder coating is a multi-step finishing procedure where the product is cleaned in the initial stage followed by preparation for the coating. After that, the product gets a coating with fine powder where all the parts’ surfaces are covered by the powder. Now, for such systems where the powder’s reclamation is a need, the Automated Powder Coating Gun Systems comes into play. The automated guns are of various types and you can easily choose as per your need. These automated guns work the best when there is less workforce in the factory. Lastly, automated guns have automated air cleaning facilities.

What works and what not

There is a positive and negative side to any manufacturing unit. To be more specific, in the manufacturing industry, what works and what not matters. Something may work for someone while it may not work for others. Therefore, what may work for you should be the priority. On knowing some of the advantages and disadvantages of powder coating, you can easily choose what can suit your business well. Powder coating makes the product more durable with its thick coating and has a greater material utilization. On the other hand, it has its limitations in terms of difficulty in producing an even and thin powder coating. Besides, the range of suitable material is also less.

The overall cost

If it is for the long-term, powder coating may be cost-effective due to the coatings’ durability, the overall shorter processing, less environmental impacts with a greater material utilization rate. Besides, the curing time is also less, which effectively makes it cost-effective in the long run. However, the initial cost of powder coating, equipment, cost of the powder can be expensive. Also, for powder coating. There are many essentials such as the spray gun, curing oven and spray booth.