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5 Tips for Condo Renovation Projects in Singapore

Living in a condominium typically means having less space to move around in. However, it is possible to renovate the condo to make your home look unobstructed and usable, making the condominium feel vast. Here are tips for your condo renovation in Singapore.

#1 White, Light & Bright

Use light hues on the condo interior design for your home in Singapore. Paint can help open up your space to create the illusion of spaciousness. Neutral colours are ideal since no one hates them.

#2 Change Your Flooring

Changing the flooring is a cost-effective condo renovation option for properties in Singapore. A change in flooring has a significant impact on the interior design of the room. A light-coloured carpet can have the same impact as a light-coloured wall.

#3 Achieve Clean Lines with Storage

Consider adding storage space to each room. One innovative solution for modern interior design in and out of Singapore is incorporating modular furniture pieces that provide extra storage. The apartment appears more spacious and calmer when the surfaces are clean and clutter-free.

#4 Reorganisation is a MUST

Moving furniture to new locations is beneficial. One of the best home renovation ideas is that you do not need to spend too much on a change. Try putting the furniture in the centre of the room to free up the walls. It will draw attention to the centre of the room and open up the area outside.

#5 Emphasis What You Have

Use the space available on the wall if your apartment has a high ceiling. Build a shelf on the wall to keep items such as books, pictures, cosmetics, or even a television. If your apartment lacks storage, wall cabinets might be of tremendous assistance.

Ask a reputable HDB, condo and landed property interior design firm in Singapore to assist you with your renovation. ProjectGuru is a residential and business interior design firm that values and works to satisfy its client’s visions and goals. Contact them or explore their website for additional information.