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3 Common Mistakes That Happen on Choosing Wrong SEO Team

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Optimizing your website is the best way to provide your organization with the necessary visibility to the global audience. It will help in fetching more visitors in an organic manner. The digital marketing agency can apply strong SEO strategies to help your business secure a higher rank on the search engines. Also, your content will remain high in the order of visibility on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). However, you should avoid selling the cheap agencies as they can ruin the reputation of the brand instead of establishing it.

Mistake #1: Choice of wrong keywords

SEO is mostly about the choice of the string keywords that will enrich your web content. But if you don’t select the right digital marketing agencies, the lack of knowledge of the marketers can lead to the choice of wrong keywords. It is usually the result of shallow research about the industry and your close competitors, and the target audience. Potential clients will not find the right link to your company when they are actually looking for the same product or service.

Mistake #2: Duplicate contents

Plagiarism is the worst possible mistake that marketing companies can make while developing the content for your website. When you post duplicate content on your website, the problem that arises is that it confuses the search engine bots. They cannot assign the index to the content, and your content may not be visible at all on the SERP. Click here [คลิกที่นี่, which is the term in Thai] to know about the best digital marketing agencies and how they work to avoid duplicate content posting.

Mistake #3: Poor loading time

Only the inexperienced SEO team can ignore checking the loading tie of your website. It will affect the user experience a lot as no online users are patient enough to wait a minute to allow the loading of an application. 

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