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A Guide About Family Law In Singapore

A subset of law called ‘family law’ is concerned with problems involving family ties. The most well-known aspects of family law are divorce, child custody, and child support, while several other concerns also fall under this category.

Get to know more about knowing what family law in Singapore is.

What Is A Family Law?

Family lawyers handle issues like divorce and separation, child custody and adoption, care orders from the local government, and monetary settlements. The branch of law that deals with family relations is called family law.

Family law in Singapore involves establishing and severing familial ties through divorce and parental rights termination. Adoption-related custody disputes and child support responsibilities are dealt with under family law.

Family law is also one of the most delicate areas of law because it deals with matters of relationships and children. The lives of their clients are very intimate to family lawyers.

When representing a client who is seeking a divorce, it is the responsibility of a family lawyer in Singapore to take initial information. Part of their duties includes:

  • Collecting evidence, including financial proof.
  • Preparing the required paperwork.
  • Negotiating settlements and child contact or residency.
  • Submitting the case to mediation.
  • Representing the client in hearings.

They can also provide advice on prenuptial agreements, which safeguard a person’s financial interests before marriage, and the legal reasons for divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. You can get a family lawyer in Singapore focusing on adoption, paternity, and divorce issues—making them qualified to assist you with your cases related to or are one of the said issues. They also manage family assets, keep an eye on mediation sessions, and provide legal counsel.

Family law in Singapore ensures that your family member’s rights and obligations are in significant progress in every circumstance. Family law aims to facilitate fair and equitable outcomes for all family members. The area of law that deals with settling problems and ending failing partnerships are the most emotionally charged.

A family lawyer in Singapore you will hire needs to have a firm grasp of the law and the ability to comprehend people and know how to support them sensitively. Divorce mediation is a less contentious option to dissolve a marriage for many families.

A family lawyer in Singapore can work for both small and large firms. It’s a practice that works well for solitary and small firms. Family lawyers may conduct criminal law or estate planning in addition to family law.

Lawyers may also serve as judges, research assistants, or court clerks in a court’s child support office. You can visit a criminal law firm in Singapore to explain your purpose, and the criminal lawyer will be there to aid you.

If you seek assistance for crime accusations and such, a criminal lawyer in Singapore will be helpful to you.

Family law in Singapore includes the rights and obligations of family members and is subject to protection in various circumstances. It intends to serve as a framework that establishes a foundation for achieving just and equitable outcomes for all family members, including adults and minors.

Family law in Singapore can be a highly emotional area of the law since it frequently deals with strained relationships and ensuing conflict. Therefore, a family lawyer in Singapore needs to have a solid grasp of human nature. A family lawyer must be able to support clients sensitively and with legal expertise.

See the discussion below to understand what family law in Singapore includes.

What Legal Issues Does A Family Law Resolve?


To know more about family law and all its content, go deeper into what legal issues it tackles, resolves and takes into account.

Here are the legal issues a family law in Singapore resolves.

1. Adoption.

Adoption is a complicated procedure that varies depending on the type of adoption, the child’s origins, the laws of each state, and other elements. Speaking with a family lawyer in Singapore is crucial. Even though foster parents adopt foster children occasionally, legal counsel is not always necessary during the foster process. In this case, a family lawyer is beneficial to aid you with the proper techniques and details.

2. Child custody & visitations.

One of the most contentious and divisive issues in family law in Singapore is child custody. The child’s best interests are taken into consideration while determining child custody and parenting time. The judge considers factors such as which parent has a more vital link with the child, whether each parent has a secure household, and whether each parent has a significant criminal history or substance abuse problems.

When parents agree on child custody, the court typically upholds that decision. If the parents cannot approve, a family lawyer in Singapore provides the court with the best interests of the child’s evidence.

3. Child support.

Children are entitled to parental assistance from both parents. Child support is to give children with separated parents the same financial resources they could have if both parents shared a home. The courts assume that the parent who looks after the child directly supports the child.

A family lawyer in Singapore uses formulas to calculate child support significantly. The method used to determine child support varies by state.

Family lawyers consult with their clients to ensure that child support payments are correct. A family lawyer in Singapore can assist their client in presenting the whole picture to the court if the other parent is trying to hide their income or is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed.

A family lawyer carefully checks the court’s calculations to ensure that there are no numerical errors that could lead to an incorrect child support award.

4. Divorce.

Divorce is the process of severing the ties of matrimony. Marriage establishes a legal bond between the couples in the eyes of the state. They must submit legal paperwork to the court to request a divorce if they decide they no longer want to be together.

The divorce process includes the regulations on how to distribute assets and debts in a divorce vary by state, though they are generally the same. However, in most circumstances, the court seeks to divide the assets equitably. It does not need to entail distributing resources equally.

You have to understand that the court may consider the parties’ contributions to the union, the length of the marriage, and the requirements of each party following the divorce, among other considerations. Domestic violence and other misconduct might also affect the court’s judgement. Therefore, if you are in a situation wanting a divorce, hiring a professional family lawyer in Singapore is very recommendable.

5. Spousal support or alimony.

A common contentious topic in divorce proceedings is alimony and spousal support. It’s crucial to ensure that the court uses the appropriate inputs, even when using a formula, to determine the proper level of support. A family lawyer in Singapore is convenient in cases like these.

One factor for spousal maintenance is the length of the marriage. The debt that both parents have accrued jointly and their ability to pay also play a role. The court considers the parties’ ages and their ability to work. And then they take into account any wrongdoing by either party.

A family lawyer in Singapore strives to provide the court with proof of these elements to urge them to reach the best decision. If you are looking for an authorised and professional family lawyer, you may check on Aspect Law Chamber for their legal services and other information you can find helpful.