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Best Tools for Independent Financial Planners

Advanced financial software has become an essential tool for independent financial planners, registered representatives, and accountants in the field of planning and managing finances. Its use has revolutionized the world of financial planning and portfolio management, helping professionals to create effective investment and retirement plans for their clients. Without technology, it’s difficult to envision the industry operating at such a high level of precision and accuracy.

Discover the Essential Software Programs for Financial Advisors

Empower your financial firm with software programs that deliver unparalleled support and management capabilities. Our top software products include:

  • Customer relationship management software – effortlessly organize client data and improve communication channels
  • Financial planning software – analyze cash flow, plan for the long-term, and boost tax strategies
  • Portfolio management software – enhance asset management through comprehensive reporting tools and analysis
  • Trading/rebalancing software – automate and streamline portfolio transactions
  • Investment analytics software – access a wealth of data and historical information about securities and investments
  • Risk tolerance software – mitigate and quantify portfolio risks both known and unknown
  • Document management software – simplify document management, storage, and retrieval with ease 

Revolutionize your financial services with our powerful suite of software solutions designed for financial advisors.

What is the Best Financial Advisor Software? 

As a financial advisor, it’s important to use the software that best fits your clients’ needs. The most common financial planning tool is MoneyGuidePro, but advisors might also use CRM, portfolio management, trading/rebalancing, or document management solutions. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of the “best” financial planning software. 

Some advisors might need more straightforward and budget-friendly options, while others require advanced analytics or robust management tools. Advisors should prioritize their clients’ needs and choose the most suitable financial planning software accordingly. MoneyGuidePro was the most popular solution in 2021, with eMoney having two of the top five financial planning tools. 

Regardless of the size of your firm or the complexity of your clients’ needs, there’s a software solution out there that will work best for them. Consider your options carefully and select a solution, ideally one of the more popular ones on this list, that will help you to better manage your clients’ assets.


No matter your business size, the perfect financial planning software awaits. To enhance investment strategies for your clients, consider their individual needs and choose a sophisticated analytic solution, perhaps from this top-rated list. Optimize asset management with the right tool for your firm, whether you’re starting out or expanding.