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Alentix offers packages for success

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The Tyranny of Success: How Fighting these 5 Biases Can Change the World |  by Gabe Zichermann | Failosophy | Medium

We are in the business of success. Whether your business venture is just starting or has been operating for decades, Alentix can help you level up.

Our order fulfillment company uses the extensive knowledge we have accrued over the years to increase your success in the marketplace. From technology to customer service, we have all the tools at our disposal to give your business a competitive edge.

We offer a comprehensive catalog of services from which to choose. But if you cannot find the services you need, reach out. Our staff will work with you to figure out a solution that will work for your business.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Business analytics
  • Inventory management
  • Kitting
  • International order fulfillment
  • IT services
  • Return processing
  • Crowdfunding fulfilment
  • Electronic data exchange

We know that offering services alone are not sufficient to get your business making money. And so, we make sure you can afford these services. Our approach of efficient and quality services and affordable prices have produced glowing financial pictures for our clients. And on top of that, we add in our first-class customer service program, creating an unmatched package for your success.

Our journey

Alentix’s foray into the order fulfillment leadership was born of innovative thinking and hard work. We put in the hard work, learning what methods worked in the industry and which ones we had to discard because they were obsolete.

And as technology revolutionized the way businesses operate, we stepped up. We integrated this new platform and upended order fulfillment services so we could deliver better service to you.

“We know what we are doing,” Alentix states on its website Alentix.com. Once a goal is identified, and a plan is in place, our staff will deliver professional service and take care of your customers as if they were the only customers that mattered.

Innovations for success

Distributed warehouses:

Distributed warehousing is one of many innovations we have come up with to launch our company to the forefront of the industry. This idea has made it easier and faster for Alentix to deliver products to customers the same day.

The benefit of distributed warehouses is locating the facilities in strategic spots across the nation. So, when customers place orders, our company fulfills those orders from the nearest warehouse to their homes.

Distributed warehouses save businesses on the cost of shipping and get their purchases delivered quickly, some the same day. That kind of speed makes customers happy and creates loyalty.


We know that technology is essential to our industry, but we cannot relax. As technology changes, we pivot with the changes to ensure our clients get the benefit. Over the years, Alentix has added Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Machine Learning, and other analytics tools to help you become more competitive.

We integrate these innovations and adjust our software to sync with your business needs and goals.

Our job is to handle everything behind the scenes so you can focus on creating and developing your products. As part of our service, we will assess your business and come up with a plan that will elicit the best results. We can also train your staff if necessary.

“When used, understood and deployed right, technology can be a true blessing,” states Alentix, which is owned by Community Transport Services, LLC.

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